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Chapter Officers

Cate Moore


Cate is a senior from Mobile, Alabama majoring in Business Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, minoring in Real Estate, and she’s on the Pre-Law track! Fun Fact: I love spending time on the water! Why President? I have always tried to give back to Kappa because I have absolutely loved my time as a Kappa. I have been overwhelmed with the support and guidance of the older girls in our chapter, especially those in leadership positions. Kappa is my favorite place in the world, and I’m so fortunate to be part of it. Serving as President has allowed me to get to know even more of our members, and assisting them in as many ways as possible throughout their time at the University of Alabama is a huge duty and honor. There’s truly no other place like the Kappa house, and I am beyond excited and grateful to help support our flourishing and vibrant membership, and to continue Kappa’s incredible legacy of success.

Laura Kate Evans

VP of Finance

Laura Kate is a senior from Huntsville, Alabama, majoring in Finance with a minor in International Business. Fun Fact: I’ve played the guitar since I was 5! Why VP Finance? I wanted to get involved with our chapter while also gaining a better understanding of finances. Through this position, I get to assist our members with their billing preferences while also working to ensure we follow a budget that allows us to have smooth operations.

Hollis Clay


Hollis Clay is a senior from Birmingham, AL majoring in Marketing with a minor in International Business. Fun fact: I have sky dived in Switzerland! Why events? Kappa has been so special to me throughout my time here at UA, and I knew I wanted to be an even bigger part of the Kappa community than just a member. Events Director interested me the most. I have the opportunity to meet new people in and out of Greek life. I love planning any and all events Kappa hosts! I love seeing the look on girls faces when announcing all of the fun and special events kappa hosts throughout the semester. I am so lucky to be apart of Kappa!

Finley Delafield

Public Relations Director

Finley is a junior from Delray Beach, Florida. She is majoring in Finance with a minor in personal wealth management. Fun Fact: I have two sisters, and we are all exactly 14 months apart! Why Public Relations Director? I have always been passionate about PR and wanted to be involved in creating the best representation of our chapter. I have worked in social media before and enjoy making graphics and videos while learning more about our chapter's members. I really enjoy displaying our members through "Went Kappa Wednesdays" or takeovers because our chapter is so unique!

Sarah Desmond

Vice President Internal

Sarah is a senior from Charlotte, North Carolina and is majoring in elementary education. Fun Fact: Nick Saban came to one of my high school basketball games when I was a cheerleader! Why VP Internal? I am so excited to serve as VP of Internal affairs because I am able to oversee our sisterhood director when planning sisterhood events for our chapter, our academic excellence director to ensure our members have support to maintain their outstanding GPAs and our rituals and history director to help plan the initiation of our new members in the fall! I love that I am able to continue my involvement with our chapter through this role and continue to be a support and a friend for all of our members in various aspects.

Rosie Taylor

Ritual and History

Rosie Taylor is a junior from Atlanta, Georgia. With a major in Hospitality Management with a concentration in Meetings and Events. Fun fact: My mom was an Alabama Kappa too! Why Ritual and History? ver since joining Kappa, I have always looked up to the older girls and their dedication to Kappa. Seeing them help and guide us inspired me to want to give back. I have always found kappa’s history to be fascinating, and it is cool to see how it started and where it is now. I am so happy I get to help our members understand and remember the ritual and history of our chapter.

Grace Hannahan


Grace is a senior from Mobile, AL majoring in marketing with minors in sales and international business. Fun fact: I love to spend time at the beach! Why Standards? Ever since joining Kappa, I have felt a sense of joy and friendship being around all of the girls in the chapter. As VP Standards, I am able to make sure every girl in Kappa follows the guidelines that align with our chapter’s values. This is such a special role and I love to be able to help and console members of Kappa. I am beyond excited to continue to make the Kappa experience great!

Marbury Conwell


My name is Marbury Conwell and I am from Mobile, AL. I am a senior majoring in accounting with a minor in computing tech and applications Fun fact: I’ve been a lifeguard for the last 6 summers! Why Administration Director? I chose administration director because I wanted to be more involved in kappa after I have had two coordinator positions. I am very organized and thought that this position would be perfect for me.

Elizabeth Helmsing

Vice President External

Elizabeth Helmsing is a senior from Mobile, Alabama majoring in communications and global health and plan to attend nurse practitioner school following college. Fun fact: I went sky diving over a lake in Interlaken, Switzerland last summer while I was studying abroad! Why VP external? As a freshman, I always looked up to the girls on chapter council and always knew I wanted to get involved. As VP external and Panhellenic delegate for kappa I have the opportunity to work with diverse groups of people. I really enjoy being Kappa’s spokesperson in the Panhellenic community and getting to make connections with other APA sororities. I also really enjoy getting to oversee the public relations, social, risk management, and philanthropy directors! My favorite thing about chapter council is getting to work alongside my best friends!

Emily Giles


Emily is a junior from Birmingham, Alabama on the pre-medical and STEM to MBA track, majoring in biology. Fun Fact: I am hypermobile, and my favorite sport is tennis! Why philanthropy? During my time as a Kappa I have met my lifelong friends and grown into the person I have always wanted to be. It is such a privilege to be a Kappa, and I wanted to give back to my sorority and the Tuscaloosa community that supports us. My freshman year I worked as one of our philanthropy coordinators and became a Big for Big Brothers and Big Sisters. My passion for the JED Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation only grew, and I knew I wanted to become more involved with Kappa and the community around us. I love that Kappa has a hand in philanthropy at a national level with the JED Foundation, a local level with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and at a personal level with the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation. These three spheres provide a holistic approach to philanthropy, and brings our chapter together as a whole!

Ann Cobern Chapman

Member Engagement

Ann Cobern Chapman is a junior from Montgomery, AL. I am majoring in Public Health with a minor in Biology on the Pre-Dental track. Fun Fact: I learned how to play pickle ball from a professional pickle ball player! Why Member Engagement Director? Ever since joining Kappa, I have been extremely appreciative of the opportunities, activities, and relationships that have been facilitated. As member engagement director, my goal is to give back to the chapter by providing fun sisterhood events for the girls. My favorites so far have been cookie decorating and the free workout classes! I also aspire to keep our chapter involved in various organizations across campus such as SGA, intramural sports, and numerous societies. I am so thankful for Kappa, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds!

Caroline Weakley

Vice President of Operations

Caroline is a senior from Memphis, TN majoring in psychology and minoring in English. Fun Fact: I am a Grizzlies fan! Why VP Operations? After being the facilities director my freshman year, I knew I wanted to continue my leadership role in Kappa. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time serving as VP of operations because not only have learned so much about being a leader but also it has given me the opportunity to create great connections with the members and board members. I’m so exciting for the upcoming year and to serve Kappa!

Amelia Campbell

Vice President of Membership

Amelia is a junior from Mobile, AL and majoring in Marketing. Fun Fact: I am in Sports Illustrated for working with Nick Saban! Why I wanted Vice President of Membership: When I became a Kappa, I knew immediately I wanted to be involved in the chapter! After participating in recruitment freshman year, I immediately knew I wanted to run for rush chair. When I got the position VP of Membership, I was so excited, and even more excited that I would be working alongside Emme Walsh and Ella Bare. This position has allowed me to get to know many people in this chapter and I cannot wait to meet the next people that join us!

Emme Walsh


Emme is a junior from Charleston, South Carolina and a Marketing major. Fun Fact: I have three younger brothers. Why Recruitment? I enjoyed every moment of recruitment my freshman year as a Kappa so I knew that getting more involved was something I was interested in. I have really loved getting to know more girls within our chapter through my position as one of the Primary Recruitment Directors!

Ella Bare


Ella is a junior from Nashville, TN. Fun Fact: I love spending time at the beach! Why Recruitment? I had a great experience going through recruitment, and I knew I wanted to give back to Kappa by getting involved with recruitment this year! I love that my position allows me to work with girls in every grade and help them show off how wonderful our sisterhood is!

Holley Jackson

New Member Educator

Holley is a junior from Atlanta, Georgia, majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Studio Art. Fun Fact: My dog is named Pup Pup. I applied to be Kappa's New Member Experience director because I have always been passionate about leading and mentoring younger girls. I want to be someone our Kappa pledges feel comfortable coming to with problems while connecting them with their new sisters. I hope to fulfill Kappa's mission to help women learn, grow, and inspire positive change. My goal is to assist the incoming pledge class in forming lasting friendships while helping them become positive community members. My New Member Director was an incredible mentor to me, and I hope to have the same impact on someone's life as she did on mine.

Ellie Mac Benck

All Member Director

Ellie Mac is a junior from Birmingham, AL, she is majoring in Communications and minoring in Real Estate. Fun Fact: A fun fact is that I am studying abroad summer 2023. Why All Member Education? I am inspired to educate our members on topics that don’t necessarily have to relate to school, but relate to our members more personally.

Jane Blissett

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Jane is a junior from Seattle, Washington and is a Public Relations major. Fun fact: my best friends from home are also Kappas at Oregon and Colorado! Why DEI? I wanted to be the DEI Director to ensure all girls in our chapter felt loved and valued, no matter who they were and where they came from! I want to educate our members on all aspects under the DEI umbrella.

Gianna Rosenboom

VP Member Development

Gianna is a senior from Nashville, TN majoring in Athletic Training. Fun Fact: I have spent every summer on a small island in California since I was a child. Why Health and Wellness Director? I have always had a passion for all things regarding health and wellness and felt that I would be able to share my love for positive mental health and various wellness topics with the chapter in a great way. Along with that, I love to show what a genuine and loyal sister is and that I am there to be a friend to anyone in Kappa!!

Ava Mcmillan

Academic Excellence

Ava is a junior from Vestavia Hills, Alabama majoring in Accounting with a minor in Biology on the Pre-Medical Track. Fun Fact: I played volleyball for 8 years! Why Academic Excellence Director? I knew I wanted to be the Academic Excellence Director after serving as a coordinator under this position and loving it! I am passionate about excelling in academics and desire to aid all members in doing the same. I also want to implement new fun and exciting initiatives to promote overall academic well-being. This position has allowed me to grow my connections within this chapter, and I can not wait to see what else it has in store!

Maggie Sullivan

Facility Director

Maggie is a sophomore from Mobile, Alabama, and an advertising major.   Fun Fact!: My dad coached 2 former Alabama quarterbacks in high school: AJ McCarron and Jake Coker!   Why Facility Director? I wanted to be Facility Director because I knew I wanted to be involved with Kappa as soon as possible. I hope to use this position to learn all about Kappa and to learn from everyone else on chapter council!

Rebekah Leventhal

Risk Prevention

Rebekah is a junior from Memphis, TN, majoring in Marketing with a minor in International Business. Fun fact: I’m studying abroad in Rome, Italy this summer! Why risk prevention? I have loved my time as a Kappa, so when the opportunity arose to get involved, I knew I had to! As Risk Prevention Director, I work closely with our events director, Hollis Clay, and Kappa Nationals to ensure that all of our events follow risk prevention procedures. Through my position, I am able to ensure Kappa provides a safe and risk-free environment for all of our members! I’m so excited for the upcoming year and grateful for the opportunity to serve a chapter that has given so much to me!