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Chapter Officers

Holley Jackson


Holley is a senior from Atlanta, Georgia majoring in public relations with a minor in studio art. Fun Fact: Her mother and grandmother were Gamma Pis! Why President? "Serving Kappa has been the highlight of my college experience! Having previously been New Member Experience Director and Facility Director, I felt prepared to take on the responsibility of president. Older girls and advisors have provided me with so much guidance and kindness, which grew my love for Kappa early on. I am passionate about being the kind of leader that these older girls were for me. I want to support each member of our chapter council and help them turn their visions into realities. Serving this chapter has allowed me to form so many friendships, and I love the responsibility of leading these exceptional women. There is no place where I feel more alive and at home than I do at Kappa with all my best friends. I am excited and grateful to help continue Kappa’s legacy at Alabama, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

Elizabeth Hunter

Vice President of Finance

Elizabeth is a senior from Atlanta, Georgia.

Mary Peyton Mullin

Finance Director

Mary Peyton is a junior from Tuscaloosa, Alabama double majoring in Finance and Economics. Fun Fact: Both of my parents do not have red hair but somehow I do! Why Finance Director? As soon as I joined Kappa I knew I wanted to get involved with anything I could! Kappa has given me so many opportunities & many lifelong friendships, and I wanted to give back to Kappa and to help Kappa be the best it can be by joining chapter council. I chose to apply for finance director because I wanted to learn more about finances and budgeting that will help me in the future in the finance world!

Emily Giles

Vice President of External Affairs

Emily Giles is a senior from Birmingham, Alabama majoring in Biology on the pre-medical track. She is currently pursuing her MBA and plans to attend medical school following college. Fun Fact: I took French for 7 years and forgot almost all of it! Why VP External? "As a freshman, I always looked up to the girls on chapter council and knew I wanted to get involved. As VP of External Affairs I have the opportunity to work with diverse groups of people in and out of Kappa. I previously served as our philanthropy director, and I love getting to assist and work with different members of chapter council. I oversee our Panhellenic delegate, public relations, events, risk management, and philanthropy directors. My favorite thing about serving as VP is the chance to make a meaningful impact on our chapter, and the friendships I've built with my fellow council members!"

Betsy Feirn

Events Director

Betsy is a senior from New Orleans, Louisiana studying Interior Design. Fun Fact: "I have a Diet Coke everyday." Why Events? "Being a Kappa has been some of the best years of my life, and I have created the best friendships I could have ever asked for. I really wanted to give back to Kappa as Events Director because it has given me so much. Social events are one of the most important aspects of a sorority as it helps everyone get to know each other and for me, it has been my favorite part of being a Kappa. Planning and directing events has been such a privilege and I’m so thankful for Kappa!"

Ballard Henson

Risk Prevention Director

Ballard is a junior from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and currently in Nursing school. Fun Fact: I grew up 10 minutes from campus! Why Risk Prevention Director? "I knew that I wanted to be involved in Kappa from day one. I have always loved to work behind the scenes organizing to make things happen, and that’s why I love getting to work with our events team to make sure we have safe and fun events for our girls."

Maren McKean

Philanthropy Director

Maren is a junior from Nashville, TN majoring in Biology on the pre-medical and STEM to MBA track. Fun Fact: Why Philanthropy Director? "Joining Kappa has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have made countless friendships that will last me a lifetime while experiencing a level of personal growth I did not know was possible. Getting involved within my community and helping others has always been a passion of mine, so I knew I wanted to make this a priority in my college life. Serving as one of Kappa’s philanthropy coordinators my freshman year allowed me to pursue my goals. My passion for the Jed Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Alabama, and the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation quickly grew. I am so thankful for my opportunity now to work with these organizations and share them with our chapter and beyond! I love that Kappa has a hand in philanthropy at a national level with the Jed Foundation, a local level with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and at a personal level with the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation. These three spheres highlight our holistic approach to philanthropy while bringing our chapter together to truly make a difference!"

Virginia Meacham

Panhellenic Delegate

Virginia is a junior from Montgomery, AL majoring in Marketing with a minor in sales and real estate. Fun fact: I love sunsets more than anything! Why Panhellenic Delegate? "As a Freshman I looked up to the older girls on chapter council so much and knew that I wanted to help out in anyway that I could. Panhellenic delegate allows me to have the opportunity to work with diverse groups of people. I really enjoy being Kappa’s spokesperson in the Panhellenic community and getting to make connections with other APA sororities. This position allows me to grow as a person and to make Kappa better by connecting with those in other sororities!"

Maggie Sullivan

Public Relations Director

Maggie is a junior from Mobile, Alabama. She is majoring in Creative Advertising with a minor in Art. Fun Fact: My dad coached two former Alabama quarterbacks in high school: AJ McCarron and Jake Coker! Why Public Relations Director? "Social media is so fun! Last year I served as Facility Director and knew right away I wanted to continue to serve Kappa. This role aligns well with my major and I love applying what I learn in the classroom to this job! Our members have the best personalities, and through this position more people get to know this amazing chapter. I have loved highlighting Gamma Pi on our social media accounts as well as meeting more members through this role. I can't wait for this next year!"

Rosie Taylor

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Rosie is a senior from Atlanta, Georgia and majoring in hospitality management. Fun Fact: I am a certified elephant trainer! Why VP Internal? "I am honored to serve as Gamma Pi’s VP of Internal because I get to oversee everything that goes on within our chapter. It is important that our chapter stays on top of our academics and creates a sisterhood that will last a lifetime! I also love getting to see our new members become initiated into KKG! Being involved within this chapter has been one of my favorite parts of college, and I can’t wait to see what all our council accomplishes throughout the rest of the year!"

Ellis Bennett

Member Engagement Director

Ellis Bennett is a junior from Mobile, AL. Why Sisterhood Director? "From the moment I first stepped into Kappa during my recruitment year, I could easily sense the authentic sense of sisterhood that the chapter held. Having now spent two years as a member of this sorority, I can firmly state that the strong sisterhood I noticed during recruitment is something that is genuine and fulfilling! When it came time to run for chapter council, I knew I wanted to apply for a position that allowed me to have a role in building off of and enhancing the sisterhood of Kappa and the involvement of its members, which is what led me to run for my current position! Through my role as Member Engagement Director, I have been able to plan a variety of fun sisterhood events while also helping members of our chapter become more involved both within Kappa and around the UA campus. This position has been so fulfilling, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve on Kappa’s Chapter Council! I am so excited to see what the rest of the year holds!"

Lily Cox

Ritual and History Director

Lily is a junior from Memphis, Tennessee majoring in marketing and minoring in psychology. Fun Fact: "I have a cat named sushi!" Why Ritual and History? "Since joining kappa I’ve always wanted to find a way to represent our sorority and give back. Looking up to the older girls serve Kappa inspired me, and I find kappas history fascinating. I’m honored uphold Kappas ritual and history and help our members understand more about it!"

Jane Simpson

Academic Excellence Director

Jane is a junior from Huntsville, Alabama, majoring in Public Health and minoring in Biology on the Pre-PA track. Fun Fact: I have never broken a bone Why Academic Excellence? "I wanted to be the academic excellence director because academics have always been important to me and I wanted to use that to connect with the other members. I find it super important to stay academically motivated and I am passionate about guiding our members to success in school. I have loved building relationships through this position and cannot wait for the rest of the year!"

Jane Blisset

Vice President of Member Development

Jane is a senior from Seattle, WA majoring in Public Relations. Fun fact: I played soccer for 16 years! Why VP Member Development? "I wanted to serve as the VP of Member Development to ensure everyone’s kappa experience was outstanding in every aspect. Whether it’s the new member experience, DEI related events, or all member activities, I wanted to help create amazing memories for all members. I also wanted to be someone for any member to rely and lean on, and guarantee an amazing 4 years for the girls in Kappa."

Lauren Fadalla

New Member Educator

Lauren is a junior from Mobile, Alabama majoring in Marketing. Why New Member Educator? "I decided I wanted to apply to be Kappa’s New Member Director during my sophomore year of recruitment. As I sat there encouraging girls to join this wonderful sorority, I realized I wanted to be a larger part of making sure they love Kappa just as much as I do. I’m truly honored to hold this position and I am looking forward to forming relationships with the new members, while helping them build bonds with each other. I will aspire to lead by example and be a person these women can not only trust, but also look up too. I hope to fulfill Kappa's mission by helping them to learn, grow, and inspire positive change in all they do here at Kappa. My goal is to help our new members find their forever friends, influence impactful change in our community, and become the best version of themselves. I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve Kappa in this way and I look forward to not only watching these women flourish, but also learning from them and growing alongside them."

Riley Hove

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director

Riley is a junior from Fort Worth, Texas and is an Entrepreneurial Management major. Fun Fact: My favorite activity is to travel, I’ve been to 14 countries! Why DEI? "I wanted to be the DEI Director to ensure all girls in our chapter felt loved and valued, no matter who they were and where they came from! I want to educate our members on all aspects under the DEI umbrella."

Lucy Whitaker

All Member Director

Lucy is a junior from Richmond, Virginia majoring in Marketing. Fun Fact: My uncle is a commentator for SEC network and ESPN and calls multiple football and basketball games in Tuscaloosa every year! Why All Member Director? "I have loved organizing impactful speakers to educate and inspire our chapter. These speakers are designed to leave a lasting impression and empower our members to be their very best version of themselves!"

Ann Cobern Chapman

Vice President of Operations

Boo is a senior from Montgomery, Alabama majoring in Public Health with a minor in Biology on the pre-dental track. Fun Fact: I was taught pickle ball by a professional pickle ball player! Why VP Operations? "After finishing my role as Member Engagement Director last fall, I knew I wanted to continue to lead Kappa as a member of Chapter Council for my senior year. I am honored to have been chosen as VP of Operations, where I focus on officer development, chapter organization, and advisor communication to better serve our members. My three years with Kappa have been incredibly rewarding, and I am excited to see what our Chapter Council achieves in my final year!"

Louise Stuardi

Administration Director

Louise is from Mobile, AL majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Sales. Fun fact: I am only 4’11! Why Administration Director? "I chose Administration Director because I wanted to be more involved in Kappa and felt that this position would be perfect for me. This role has many different responsibilities and allows me to utilize my leadership skills. I enjoy being the administration director because I am able to work side by side with multiple people on chapter council."

Bethany Thuss

Facility Director

Bethany is a sophomore from Mobile, Alabama majoring in Neuroscience and Spanish. Fun Fact: I am a dual citizen of the United States and Canada! Why Facility Director? "I wanted to be Facility Director to have the opportunity to get more involved in Kappa as well as to be able to learn from the other officers."

Kate Methvin

Vice President of Membership

Kate is a junior from Birmingham, Alabama and majoring in Communicative Disorders. Fun Fact: I attended the Kappa National Convention in Phoenix, Arizona this past summer! Why Vice President of Membership? "When I became a Kappa, I knew immediately I wanted to be involved in the chapter! After participating in recruitment freshman year, I immediately knew I wanted to run for rush chair. When I got the position VP of Membership, I was so excited, and even more excited that I would be working alongside Mary Brown and Gracie Northcutt. This position has allowed me to get to know many people in this chapter and I cannot wait to meet the next people that join us!"

Mary Brown

Primary Recruitment Director

Mary is a junior from Mobile, Alabama majoring in Public Relations. Fun fact: I’m a first name last name person! I'm always called by my first and last name. Why Primary Recruitment Director? "I have always been a super social and talkative person! Ever since going Kappa, I knew I wanted to give back in some way. Joining the recruitment team was the best choice I ever made. It has allowed me to connect so many different girls within all grades of our chapter and even alumni."

Gracie Northcutt

Primary Recruitment Director

Gracie is a junior from Atlanta, Georgia. Fun Fact: I love to travel and just went to Greece this summer! Why Primary Recruitment Director? "I loved my time going through the recruitment process, and last year when I was on the other side of it. I knew I wanted to give back to Kappa by becoming involved in this year’s recruitment. I have loved getting to know many girls in all pledge classes, and help them with all things recruitment related! I’m so excited to meet this new group of girls and show them what Kappa is all about!"

Amelia Campbell

Vice President of Standards

Amelia is a senior from Mobile, AL majoring in Marketing and minoring in Sales. Fun Fact: I have been on Executive Board for two straight years! Why Standards? "Ever since I joined Kappa, I immediately knew I wanted to be involved in the chapter! As VP Standards, I am able to make sure every girl in our chapter follows the guidelines that align with our chapter’s values. I have loved every minute of my position and I cannot wait for my senior year."