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Chapter Officers



Hometown: Charlotte, N.C. Major: Public Relations #1 thing on Parker's bucket list: Parker would love to visit every continent! After studying abroad last summer, her love for traveling and learning how people do things differently around the world has only grown. Favorite philanthropy event: She might have a hard time choosing between Kappa Karinval and the Big Brothers Big Sisters Krispy Kreme Challenge, but one thing's for sure-- Parker loves hanging out with her little sister through BBBS.

Mary Moran

Vice President of Organization

Hometown: Mobile, AL Major: Biology Why Mary Moran went Kappa: She immediately pictured herself at the Kappa house after being drawn in by Kappa’s fun and welcoming atmosphere during recruitment week. After she pledged, Mary Moran realized this side of Kappa never fades. Something most people don’t know about Mary Moran: She’s obsessed with all things Disney related.


Vice President of Standards

Hometown: Montgomery, AL Major: Marketing Something most people don’t know about Kaitlyn: She can touch her tongue to her nose… Favorite Food: Pancakes, cheese grits and Chick-fil-A sauce… Individually though, not all together!


Vice President of Academic Excellence

Hometown: Mountain Brook, AL Major: Chemical Engineering Favorite sisterhood event: Going to see "Girl on the Train" in Tuscaloosa! We rented out the whole movie theatre. Something most people don't know about Sarah: She's studied in Oxford, England, and Barcelona, Spain!

Mary Pat

Billhighway Treasurer

Hometown: Birmingham, AL Major: Finance Why Mary Pat went Kappa: She loved all of the Kappas during rush and wanted to share this special bond with her mom, who was also a Kappa. Mary Pat loves everyone in Kappa and all of the great friends and memories she has made throughout. Favorite meal at Kappa: Breakfast for dinner!


GRS Treasurer

Hometown: Birmingham, AL Major: Psychology Something most people don't know about Catherine: She can name every president in order! Favorite philanthropy event: Kappa Karnival hands down! Catherine loves seeing the kids come to the Kappa house in their costumes and playing games with them.


Public Relations Chairman

Hometown: Beaumont, TX Major: Public Relations Favorite Kappa memory: Bid day, of course! Not knowing anyone who pledged Kappa, Maret was a little nervous at first, but as soon as she ran to the Kappa house, she felt right at home. Kappa's IT! Favorite food: Maret can't decide between a burger or fried shrimp. Regardless, she doesn't discriminate against any type of food and even has her own food Instagram, @sishoodofthetravelingfork!


Risk Management Chairman

Hometown: Birmingham, AL Majors: Finance & Marketing Favorite sisterhood event: Liz loves movie night! It's one of the most laid back nights, and she loves hanging out with everyone while relaxing after a long day of school. #1 thing on Liz's bucket list: Run a half marathon!


Philanthropy Chairman

Hometown: Montgomery, AL Major: Food & Nutrition, Pre-Med Favorite meal at Kappa: Garrett has two words... TACO. TUESDAY. Favorite philanthropy event: Garrett loves the annual Virginia Gray and Becca Cookout because we get to connect with Kappa alumni and current chapter members while remembering and celebrating the memory of two Kappas.


Membership Chairman

Hometown: Atlanta, GA Major: Advertising Favorite sisterhood event: Hannah loved when we rented out the movie theatre for "Girl on the Train." Who wouldn't have fun at that? #1 thing on Hannah's bucket list: She wants to travel to Capetown, South Africa and go shark cage diving!


New Member Chairman

Hometown: Montgomery, AL Major: Marketing Why Sara went Kappa: She went Kappa because of how much fun she had in the Kappa house during recruitment. Kappa's are always having fun, and that's what Sara loved about it! Something most people don't know about Sara: She lived in Big Sky, Montana for a year!

Mary Claire

Panhellenic Delegate

Hometown: Florence, AL Major: Multiple Abilities Program- Education Something Mary Claire can't live without: Her planner! If Mary Claire could travel anywhere in the world: She'd travel to Paris! Mary Claire loves to shop and eat, and what place has better shopping and eating than Paris?


Event Chairman

Hometown: Atlanta, GA Majors: Psychology & General Business Favorite meal at Kappa: Fried Friday... everyone is always at the house because who can say no to fried everything?! Why Kimberlin went Kappa: Kimberlin felt welcomed at the Kappa house each day of recruitment and could tell she fit right in with the Kappas. She loved the energetic and outgoing group dynamic!


House Chairman

Hometown: Atlanta, GA Major: Undecided Favorite sisterhood event: Renting out the movie theatre! Leila had a fun night hanging out with everyone and taking a break from homework. Favorite meal at Kappa: Chicken parmesan!

Emily Owen


Hometown: Birmingham, AL Major: Interdisciplinary Studying- Young Adult Counseling/Life Coaching Why Emily Owen went Kappa: Kappa has given Emily Owen the opportunity to form the strongest and most real friendships. She wouldn't trade the friends she's made in Kappa for anything in the world! #1 thing on Emily Owen's bucket list: Learn how to play the piano!


Education Chairman

Hometown: Mobile, AL Major: Psychology Why Anna went Kappa: One of the reasons Anna went Kappa was because her mom and sisters were also Kappas, and it is something really cool they get to share. Anna also loves how fun and friendly every one in Kappa is. Favorite food: Anything with apples!


Corresponding Secretary

Hometown: Mobile, AL Major: Advertising Favorite philanthropy event: Our Kappa Karnival for Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Alabama! Lee got to bring her "little sister" through the program, and they had a blast! Favorite movie: "Marley and Me"


Recording Secretary

Hometown: Birmingham, AL Major: Operations Management Something most people don't know about Chaise: She's the oldest of THREE brothers! While she finds it challenging at times, overall it's really shaped who Chaise is. #1 thing on Chaise's bucket list: Chaise really wants to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef! She thinks the ocean is the most interesting aspect of Earth and would be an unforgettable experience.



Hometown: Mobile, AL Major: Food & Nutrition Why Jordan went Kappa: She loves Kappa because we are laid back, but we also place a high importance on academics and involvement. When Jordan walks in the house, she feels relaxed, now matter how stressful her day is. If Jordan could travel anywhere in the world: She would choose Peru to hike Machu Picchu. Jordan has wanted to do this since she was a sophomore in high school but is saving it for her 25th birthday!

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