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Chapter Officers

El McMillan


El is a senior from Mountain Brook, Alabama, graduating with the class of 2021. She is majoring in both Management Information Systems and Fashion Retail. Fun Fact: El did competitive ice skating through all of elementary school! Why President?: "I wanted to help continue the forward movement of Gamma Pi! I want to be a resource for all of our members, help set goals for all of our departments, and be a leader in any way I can."

Sarah Hunter Jackson

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Sarah Hunter is a senior from Mobile, Alabama, majoring in Biology. Why VP of Internal Operations?: "I ran for VP internal because I really wanted to improve the experience for all Kappas and make it a memorable time for everyone. I also wanted to find a way to get involved and incorporate events that span over a variety of interests."

Parker Cobbs

Vice President of External Affairs and Panhellenic Delegate

Parker is a Senior from Mountain Brook, Alabama, majoring in Biology. Fun Fact: Parker is in the process of applying to medical school this summer! Why VP of External Affair?: "I learned so much about my sisters in Kappa, as well as what it means to be a leader while serving as Risk Management chairman last year. I wanted to further build my relationships with these women by pursuing one of the new pilot positions, Vice President of External Affairs. I hope to inspire those younger than me to step into their own light and grow their confidence in leadership positions of their own. I also hope to further develop Kappas's presence in the Panhellenic community as a whole. I have had the best time serving on our council thus far and cannot wait for the rest of what's to come! Kappa's it!"

Kate Bumgarner

Vice President of Operations

Kate is a senior from Mountain Brook, Alabama, majoring in Nutrition Sciences. Why VPO?: "I chose to run for my position because I get to work with not only the members in our chapter, but also the women from Headquarters! I love being a part of Kappa, and wanted to continue to serve as a resource for all of our members to get more involved!"

Haley Bulvin

Vice President of Membership

Haley is a junior from Atlanta, Georgia, majoring in Communication Studies. Fun Fact: Haley LOVES to cook! Why VP of Membership?: "I chose to run for VP of Membership because I've always loved the recruitment process. I love being a Kappa and wanted to plan an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for the rising freshman. So far, I have enjoyed every minute of planning recruitment for the Fall of 2020 and can't wait to meet all the new faces that go greek! Kappa's It!"

Gunter Crommelin

Vice President of Member Development

Gunter is a senior from Mountain Brook, Alabama, and is majoring in Finance. Why VP of Member Development?: "I wanted to run for my position because I really enjoyed being the new member chair last year, and now I still get to be a huge part in making the first semester for our future pledge class the most memorable time!"

Lisee Conwell

Vice President of Finance

Lisee is a senior from Mobile, Alabama, and is majoring in Accounting. Fun Fact: Lisee can play the violin! Why VP of Finance?: "Last year, I enjoyed serving as the BillHighway treasurer and I gained great work experience that lined up well with my major. So, when they announced the new structure, I was excited to have an opportunity to run for VP Finance and take on a bigger role."

Mary Stuart Tipton

Standards Director

Mary Stuart is a senior from Montgomery, Alabama, majoring in Elementary Education. Fun fact: Mary Stuart's favorite food is Mexican food! Why Standards Director?: "I ran to be Standards chair because I enjoy serving Kappa in leadership. I previously served as a Recruitment Chair, and being on Chapter Council encouraged me to get more involved in my upcoming years. My goal is for Standards to be a place where any member can come to as a place to talk about something they are struggling with, or even for questions they might have about our chapter."

Kakki Knott

Director of Member Engagement

Kakki is a senior from Mobile, Alabama, majoring in Psychology. Why Member Engagement?: "Ever since freshman year, sisterhood events have been my favorite event with Kappa! I wanted to be able to bring everyone together as much as I could for some lighthearted fun to get our minds off of school! I always loved that it was a way for everyone to come together with people they may not be close with and get to know them more!"

Katie Sullivan

Director of Rituals and History

Katie is a junior from Mobile, Alabama, majoring in Accounting and Pre-law. Fun Fact: Katie's dad has coached four Alabama football players, 2 of them being AJ McCarron and Mark Ingram! Why Director of Rituals and History?: "I ran for Ritual and History Director because I believe that Initiation is a super important part of being a kappa, and I am so excited to be a part of next year’s pledge class becoming Kappas!"

Maddie Thompson

Director of Academic Excellence

Maddie is a senior from Charlotte, North Carolina, majoring in Finance. Why Director of Academic Excellence?: "I chose this position because after freshman year I started to realize how many different resources there were around campus to help you succeed and I wanted to help everyone else in our chapter be able to enjoy those free resources. I love this position because it has helped me meet so many other girls in Kappa and has helped me to build a closer relationship with them."

Janie Creighton

Events Director

Janie is a senior from Mountain Brook, Alabama, majoring in Public Relations. Fun Fact: Janie enjoys running half marathons! Why Events Director?: "I ran for the event director position because I wanted to plan a diverse range of fun activities for Kappa Kappa Gamma. I enjoy creating fun atmospheres for others and being the event coordinator allows me to do that!"

McLean Moore

Philanthropy Director

McLean is a junior from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, majoring in Finance and Economics. Why Philanthropy Director?: "I chose this position because I have always loved getting involved and volunteering for the events to support RIF/BBBS. This has given me an outlet to showcase my love for our philanthropy on an even larger scale, while educating the chapter on all of our philanthropy initiatives."

Katie Albrecht

Director of Risk Prevention

Katie is a junior from Mobile, Alabama, majoring in Accounting. Fun Fact: Katie is a big fan of the Minnesota Vikings! Why Director of Risk Prevention?: "I ran for risk prevention director for a few reasons. First, I think it’s so important to be proactive in creating a safe and risk free environment with in our chapter. I wanted to come up with an effective plan to make sure every problem that could be prevented was prevented. Secondly, risk prevention is an essential section in almost every business. There are so many jobs based around risk prevention, and being in the college of business, I thought it would be a great opportunity get some real life experience."

Camryn Hershman

Director of Public Relations

Camryn is a junior from Fort Wayne, Indiana, studying Public Relations and Political Science. Fun Fact: Camryn has moved nine times! Why Director of PR?: "As a PR major, I saw this position in Kappa as an opportunity to both learn and be a resource to those around me! Being PR director has given me the chance to gain and fine tune various skills important to my future career!"

Hope Methvin

Facility Director

Hope is a sophomore from Mountain Brook, Alabama, majoring in Finance and Economics. Why House Director?: "I have loved my position so far because I have been able to meet so many new people in Kappa every day! My job entails everything from our house food menu, to pop up shops that will come to the Kappa house. I cannot wait to be back at the Kappa house next fall!"

Kate Pittman

Director of Administration

Kate is a sophomore from Nashville, Tennessee, majoring in English. Fun Fact: Kate grew up living across the street from Thomas Rhett. Why Director of Admin?: "I wanted to serve as an officer for Kappa because I believed I could bring a new, positive, and dedicated outlook to our chapter. I also wanted to give back to Kappa, since it has given me so many wonderful friendships, memories, and opportunities!"

Grace Kirkland

Assistant Recruitment Director

Grace is a Junior from Montgomery, Alabama, majoring in Elementary Education. Fun Fact: Grace grew up as an Auburn fan! Why Assistant Recruitment Chair?: "I ran for recruitment chair because I love getting to meet so many different people from all over and form friendships with everyone in the chapter!"

KayKay Benck

Director of New Member Experience

KayKay is a junior from Mountain Brook, Alabama, majoring in Finance. Fun Fact: KayKay enjoys concerts and traveling the most! Why Director of New Member Experience:? "I want PC ’20 to have the most fun new member experience and transition into college. Without kappa I wouldn’t have met my friends for life, so I’m hopeful to help the new members find theirs too!"

Kirby Miller

Director of Senior Experience

Kirby is a Senior from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and is majoring in Public Relations. Fun Fact: Kirby has gone skydiving in the Swiss Alps! Why Director of Senior Experience?: "I ran for this position because I have great relationships with the senior class and wanted to make their last year the best it can be!"

Caroline Viator

Director of All Member Experience

Caroline is a Senior from New Orleans, Louisiana, majoring in Marketing. Why Director of All Member Experience?: "I ran for my position because I am able to help inspire our chapter through events and speakers! It is a good way to help our girls become leaders and great examples of what it means to be a Kappa!"

Caroline Pugh

Finance Director

Caroline is a junior from Mountain Brook, Alabama, majoring in Finance with a specialization in Value Investing. Fun Fact: Caroline's entire family went to Auburn. She is the first in her family to attend Alabama! Why Finance Director?: "As soon as I got to the University of Alabama and pledged Kappa Kappa Gamma, I began looking for ways to get involved on campus and in my sorority. Since I was young, math has always been my favorite subject and finances came naturally to me. When looking for a position to apply for within Kappa Kappa Gamma, Finance Director seemed fitting. Also, being a Finance major, I knew this role would give me great experience that I’ll use later on in my career and in life."

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